About PageSpruce

We are a passionate company with experience in website redesign, web development, graphic design, content marketing, and u/x design.

We have experience in producing high quality, high conversion websites for a diverse range of clients, from small businesses, professional services and agencies to law firms, creatives and accountants. We are constantly keeping on top of the latest industry developments with regards to design and take great pride in the work that we produce.

Our main focus is on updated or redesigning existing websites. We'll we can lend our expertise to a multitude of scenarios but we pride ourselves on our ability to recommend the most apt design features and technology.

We use well crafted process to expedite all initial requests, without sacrificing quality or site integrity. We aim to have a first site available to view within 24 hours.

Why Choose PageSpruce?

We give each project 100% dedication. We never oversell or try to recommend unnecessary features to make a few extra bucks. Every site is tested on all major devices, browsers and screen sizes, and we always give our clients a no obligation initial build from which to make their decision.

SEO Friendly

Cost Effective

Latest Technology

Marketable Copy

Mobile Ready

Fully Tested

No Obligation Build

Multiple Modifications

Thing We Consider When Updating a website

An explanation of some of the features and design aspects that we look into when redesigning a website.

1 Mobile Responsiveness

Absoutely crucial in this day and age. As well as being potential detrimental to SEO performance. A non mobile optimized site can frequently cause visitors to immediately exit the site. A site that looks and performs well on mobile devices is paramount.

2 Load times

Images and plugins should be optimized for super fast load times. A large percentage of potential visitors can be dissuaded from staying simply becasue of slow load times.

3 General Appearance

We try to look at every aspect of the existing site. The colors, fonts, images, graphical effects, animations, forms will all be studied to identify improvements. Sometimes a sites design is indicative to the users of the time period it was created. Its never good for a user to realize a site hasn't been updated in years.

4 Site Structure

Is there sufficient clarity in the site header, are the testimonials inserted in the correct place. Is there a call to action that is totally ambiguous. Maybe theres a gallery that makes no sense where it currently is. We examine the site structure to ensure the key messages and purpose of the site are conveyed to the user in the most effective way possible.

5 User Experience

How the User interacts with the site is crucial. If you don't capture their attention within the first few seconds then you have probably lost them. After you have gained that initial interest, the next step is to keep them there. This requires clear logical interaction and progress of there site journey to achieve their eventual goal..

Potential Features We May Add

There are many different features, plugins and api's that can be implemented to a website. We try to assess the needs of the site with the value added by each one. Each feature added is throurougly tested before beingput into action.

1 Blog

A blog can be a crucial feature, both for SEO purposes and for conveying your own expertise in your vocation. We can connect an external blog directly to your site. Or even convert the site to Wordpress format.

2 Contact Forms

The are a variety of method of capturing a users credentials. From a simple 'subscribe' email capture, to a live chat feature, to a fully featured quote form. We'll study what may work best and implement it accordingly

3 Social Media

Whether you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram presence its always a good idea to link to the from your site. We can even implement a direct feed into one of your web pages..

4 Videos

Video can be a powerful assets. But they can also distract users from the core message of the site. We study placement, sizes and format of all current and potential video embeds.

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