The Worst Website Designs Ever

We highlight some of the worst website designs that we have seen?

Despite it being 2017 there is still a cornucopia of terrible websites. Below we showcase some of the worst.

These is no excuse for bad design or content. Even a small set of changes can reap huge rewards in converting site visitors into actual customers. Remember this is the first and possibly only point of contact propective clients will have with your customers, don't be like some of the sites shown below. PageSpruces aim is to bring the latest, SEO ready content,designs and contemporary layouts to your site.

Site 1


Almost over the top bad. Terribly dated design and content.

Site 2

Bobdul Johnson

Hard to believe this site is still live. Amateurish even for the 90s. Not mobile optimized, tacky distracting animations, non existing navigation, and awful colors are amongst the many wrongs on this site.

Site 3

Alizee - Boutique Bistro

No focal point to the page and badly organized. The user will struggle to find information quickly.

Site 4

Eco Software

Bizarre and confusing heading combined with dated stock images. Doesn't answer the immediate questions a visitor to the site would have.

Site 5

Sublime Prime Steakhouse

Way too much copy. The user is simply bombarded with too much information which overwhelms the core message.

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