Case Study

EvenFlow Plumbing

EvenFlow is a medium sized Plumbing company based out of Oakland. They obtain leads from a broad range of sources, but were concerned that referrals from their website were declining. They contacted PageSpruce to see if we could help.

EvenFlow's previously site was in urgent need of an update. Whilst the existing site provided a comprehensive account of their services. It hadn't been updated in 8 years, it was not displaying certain aspects correctly on modern browsers and was not mobile optimized

As a result of this, the site was losing potential leads, both in terms of visitors leaving the site before taking any action and through lost organic traffic because of poor SEO.

Key Challenges

Mobile Optimized

Ensure the site displays across all devices.

Remove Flash

Make sure obsolete technologies are replaced.

Increase Sign Ups

Reduce bounce rates by engaging visitors.
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Our Solution

We implemented a multi-faceted approach of taking the best content from their previous site, creating new content based on customer reviews and social media and injecting this into a previously tested layout format.

After deployment of the new site. There was an almost instant spike in sign ups. Site visits times increased dramatically and SEO page ranking was improved.

New Site Overview

See below for both the desktop and mobile version of the site update.

We were able wrap the new content into a sleek, modern design, significantly increasing user engagement.

  • Redesigned Site Desktop
  • Redesigned Site Mobile

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