Case Study

Shoreline Accountants

Shoreline Accountants is an Accounting and Tax Preparation firm with offices in Vallejo. They are are reletively new organization, so have yet to develop a significant online presence, both in terms of website content or search rankings.

They contacted PageSpruce as their current site was a very basic, created using a web builder site, that was lacking functionality, style and usability.

There wasn't a massive amount of content to work with in terms of social feedback because of the companies age. However we were able to pull some useful and important information nonetheless.

Key Challenges

New Content

Generate descriptive and marketable content

Overall Design

Fix the disfunctional web builder design

Establish Presence

Get seen by search engines
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Our Solution

We able to generate original content using information from the client, researching and writing industry articles, and analysing customer feedback.

Very quickly after the site going live there was a boost to search rankings and also to overall customer sign ups.

New Site Overview

See below for both the desktop and mobile version of the site update.

We were able wrap the new content into a sleek, modern design, significantly increasing user engagement.

  • Redesigned Site Desktop
  • Redesigned Site Mobile

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